Today in Andrew's fun house, we've got a special battle between two groups of Cartoon Network all-stars: the cast of the hit film "Ben 10: Alien Swarm" versus the cast of "Dude, What Would Happen". Let's look at the starting lineups...

BEN 10
Nathan Keyes ("Kevin E. Levin")
Galadriel Stineman ("Gwen Tennyson")
Ryan Kelley ("Ben Tennyson")

Jackson Rogow
Ali Sepasyar
CJ Manigo

Tonight, the teams will build giant paddleboats that will be powered by human powered paddles. They'll have to be able to carry a bunch of earthballs from the lagoon.

And for this special occasion, we have special destructions. First, the Dudes will have to reenact that episode where they took an old VW Bug and filled it with water, only this time, it'll end in the bug being blown to bug bits. As for Team Ben 10, they'll destroy Kevin's souped-up sportscar (or a reasonable facsimile... using another VW Bug) by dropping it nose first.

So... nothing left to do but... three... two... one... DESTROY!

Now we've thrown in some odds and ends and some builders. The winners will get a Golden Sledgehammer.

Good luck to both teams... Three... two... one... BUILD!

Ali wants to use everything, and CJ just wants to keep his homeys in line. The Dudes noticed that the Ben 10 kids were coming to "spy on them", so they spray painted over their design. That's smart.

So what do the Ben 10 kids come up with? They have a small build with a paddle in the middle for two, and the third with a rudder for speed and maneuverability.

Jackson from the Dudes goes over and distracts. That's their plan. Seriously.

Setback Challenge: Smash TV

On the field are a bunch of TV sets with point values. We have a line for single points, a line for doubles, a line for triples... and the HAIL MARY line for 10 times the points!

CJ scores the first points: 5 from the single for 5. Ali goes for 10 and gets it. Ryan goes to the Hail Mary line... and hits 5 for 50! Jackson's going for the Hail Mary... and scores 50!

And Galadriel... sucks out. Dudes win, 85-60. They get to choose their setback.

- Bubble Avalanche: cover their boat with suds.
- Shipwrecked: all of the team in the middle of the lagoon... with no paddle.

The Dudes choose the bubbles. Three... two... one... BUBBLES!

After cleaning off the bubbles, the build resumes. One of the dudes decides to put on a builder shirt and start to sabotage the build. Nathan... sniffs him out right away.

And that's time. Let's see what we've got.

BEN 10: They have a sturdy paddle boat with two full sets of paddles for maximum power. Will this boat live up to its superhero passengers?
DUDE: Similar design with a larger paddle and no real space for scoring targets. This may not end well.

Now for the challenge: grab your team balls and spell out what's on them. Team Ben 10 will spell out "B-E-N-10", while the Dudes will spell out "D-U-D-E." First team to finish wins the Golden Sledgehammer, bragging rights as Cartoon Network DBD Champions of the World, and the right to inflict the final humiliation on their opponents' build.

The Dudes actually help Ben 10 out in a couple of spots... and then Jackson gets left on shore. Once they collect their wayward teammate... their boat breaks! The only way they can move now is dumb luck and brute force. The Ben 10 team are one ball away from victory, prompting Jackson to take matters into his own hands! LITERALLY! But it's all for naught as BEN 10 wins the game!

So they get the Golden Sledge... but they give it to the Dudes out of love and sportsmanship, but mainly because they have some place to put it. That doesn't save them from watching their dingy dinghy go up in flames thanks to an explosive RC boat.

And after all they've been through, they're going to love saying... "Three... two... one... DESTROY!"